My Life with Chronic Pain…

My Pain Update:

I saw my Pain Management doctor yesterday. He increased my break-thru pain medications a little (only by a half tablet, but I was so grateful for that), and he is referring me to a neurosurgeon. 

The pain in my low back and legs have gotten worse over the last 6 months. I cannot stand up for more than 10-15 minutes and I get severe pain in my low back, my legs feel like jello, and I find myself on the floor… sometimes wondering how I am going to get myself up. Most times I can manage to get up, but it takes a little while. Thank goodness my awesome husband has been around for the majority of the time when this happens! I couldn’t ask for a better man to have as a spouse!  🙂 

I have used a cane for years and gotten by with just that. But in the last week, I have started to use a walker to get around. (This is what lead up to me getting and using a walker)… My mother was visiting the other day and we were standing in the kitchen talking. Well, I stood there talking with her too long when my back and legs gave out. She caught me before I fell to the floor. I guess I scared the crap out of her because 2 days later she brought me over a walker! I guess I should have gotten one and used one sooner, but I can be a stubborn person 🙂

I guess if the neurosurgeon thinks I need to go ahead with surgery, then I will. He did one of my neck surgeries, so I trust him a lot. Besides, I would do just about anything, within reason, to get rid of at least some of this pain. I would love to be able to stand and talk to people a little longer, walk without severe pain in my back and legs, and be able to get out of the house more often!

*To all the pain sufferers out there, I know how you feel! It may not be the same type of pain, but it’s pain, and I understand!

Hugs to All, Karla


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