Living With Daily Pain 

Hello Everyone!

Hope all of you are doing well and having a low pain day today. I wanted to write you all a note to let you know that I am no longer working with Dr. Patty on her website or blogs, (Dr. Patty’s Chronic-Intractable Pain and You Sites Inc. [CIPAY]). Things were getting a little overwhelming, confusing and stressful there, so I decided to resign. It was for the best as my stress level has gone down tremendously!

I also wanted to let all of you know that a very good friend of mine, Susie McKee, and I have started a new Facebook Group. It is called “Living With Daily Pain”. We welcome you to join if you would like to. Our Facebook group is a closed group. 

We Advocate and Support all of our members who are living with daily pain, as well as their caregivers. We welcome discussions about different pain conditions and we have full articles for you to read that our members and staff found interesting and informative. We welcome our members to post articles, discussions, or other groups and websites that they think other members may find interesting and last but not least, we love the pictures and quotes that our members post! 🙂

We hope to start our own website by the end of the year, or sooner if we can. We will make sure all of our members know and we post it in our blogs.

We hope all of you have a great day today! 

Karla, LPN & Pain Advocate


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