I am married to a wonderful man, 24 years this Aug. (2016). We have 2 kids, and live in a small town in the beautiful state of Montana, by the Yellowstone River. My husband and I have a small cat rescue. Most of the cats we have, we rescued from bad situations when they were kittens. It has been rewarding knowing that we have saved the lives of at least a few cats…

I have had Chronic Pain for 20+ years. I have had 3 auto accidents, and was rear-ended all 3 times. My first accident was in 1991, 2nd-1995, and 3rd-2000. I suffered Whiplash all 3 times, and a TBI with Post Concussion Syndrome in the last accident. The auto accidents damaged my spine from my neck to my tailbone, and I suffer with constant daily pain. My doctors told me there was nothing they could do for me, so in the summer of 2004 I had to give up my nursing job that I loved so much. I didn’t want to leave my job, but with the severe pain I was having, I felt like I was not giving my office patients the quality of care they needed & deserved.

I started a Facebook group named “Living With Daily Pain” with a friend of mine. It has been very rewarding for me so far and helps me cope with my own pain. If all I can do for the rest of my life, is advocate for people with Chronic and/or Intractable Pain, this is what I intend to do…


Karla Rabel,
Disabled/Retired, I.V. Certified LPN

Owner/Admin Living With Daily Pain Facebook Group

Mom @RabelRanch Kitty Rescue




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